“The Cardinal Health fitness center has always been part of my fitness and health routine. Its convenience, affordability, and comfort among the trainers/equipment are reasons I’ve continued to return for the last 8 years and even during the pandemic! I used to participate in group fitness and now I work 1:1 with a trainer to target specific goals. I even found myself looking for ways to revamp my routine post injury last fall and my trainer has been able to get me moving again in a way that benefits my overall health and wellbeing. I can’t imagine working out anywhere else – especially these days when the CAH gym is safe and accessible vs. other big-box locations in Ohio.” -Hollie F.

The Cardinal Health Fitness Center has been a lifesaver through the last couple of years.  Being able to maintain my workout regimen through the pandemic has helped me maintain my health and mental wellness. I’ve utilized virtual training and classes but also still go into the facility 3 or 4 times a week for live personal training and to workout.  They have taken every precaution to keep members safe while still giving us the opportunity to exercise the same way we did before the pandemic.  For me, having access to the fitness center is the biggest perk that working at Cardinal Health offers. -Conni C.