Success Stories

The fitness center is a welcome break in my day, definitely one of my top reasons to come to the office. Always clean, well lit, well equipped. The staff just make it better, friendly, knowledgeable and professional. -Greg S.

I am a long time member of the Fitness Center, and have had the privilege of training with Susan for the past 6 years.  The Fitness Center has helped me through some of the most challenging times of my life!  Personal training helped me stay healthy during my pregnancy and with Susan’s help and guidance I continued modifying workouts and did weight training up until 2 weeks before I had my daughter.  More recently through the pandemic, virtual weekly connect sessions helped me achieve a goal of running my first 10k in September 2021.  A HUGE thank you to the Fitness Center supporting me with various goals – and special thank you to Susan who has been with me through all ups and downs helping me along the way! -Tracy Z.

I have used the virtual services while WFH, mostly the stretching ones.  Those have been a great way to break up the day, keep the blood flowing, and counteract the stiffness that comes along with sitting at a desk all day.  Much appreciated!

During an unfamiliar time with so many unanswered questions, the fitness center has been a constant. The ability to maintain a routine with standard activities has been a big factor in making things feel normal, even when they’re not. -Carter R.

The fitness center in my opinion is by far the best employee amenity Cardinal Health offers to employees. About 3 years ago I started working with Ryan Robertson as part of the personal training services offered and it’s transformed my life in many ways. Not only did I learn so many new, engaging and fun ways to improve my fitness level it has helped my mental health tremendously. Since the pandemic I actually plan my days in the office around my fitness schedule and it is the primary reason I come into the office. I find myself more effective at work when I get the opportunity to take a break during the day to get a workout in.

I also have to commend the staff at the fitness center for their creativity while we were working remote and posting great fitness videos on Youtube that enabled me to maintain my regimen while we were out. As an employee I think it’s critical we keep these services/amenities in place as they make work a better place, but also align with company goals around cost reduction related to the impact maintaining an active/healthy lifestyle.

The fitness center team is first class and I look forward to hopefully using these amenities for many years to come! -Steve S.

Drew really helped me get back into a routine by holding me accountable for working out and coming into the gym. The personal training was exactly what I needed to start moving again and to get out of my COVID rut after gaining close to 20 pounds. Drew has always been encouraging even if it was just to get up and walk a little everyday. Fast forward, I’m down 13lbs, am working out again regularly, and my nutrition is back on track. This was a game changer to help jump start my fitness and I’m pleased to say that once I reprioritized my physical fitness, I could see a shift in my mental wellbeing, and my personal confidence came back during a time where there wasn’t much in my control. Really appreciate the support Drew provided these last several months.

Having the Fitness Center at Cardinal Health has been a great benefit to us all! I have truly missed having access to it in person (and my  body can tell) these last two years of the Covid pandemic. Being able to work out after work or during work hours was a real stress reliever especially in these winter months! Now that we’ve been home for 2 years now, it’s been great to connect through the virtual classes! Although it’s not like being there in person, it is something and we so appreciate having access to these classes. I’m looking forward to being there in person again soon!! -Sherry H.

The Cardinal Health Mansfield Fitness Center has been integral in the maintenance of my mental and physical health throughout this Covid era. The initial closing of the Mansfield office was a major disruption to my health and fitness as the fitness center was my main gym. Once I heard there was a Return to Office Pilot and the gym would be reopened, I quickly jumped on the opportunity. The fitness center has motivated me to work in the office and I now average 3 days a week.

The Mansfield fitness center is SPOTLESS. The staff holds our safety and experince to a high standard and makes a consistent effort to keep the facility clean and organized. Speaking of staff, Eric and Ryan are great. I genuinely look forward to seeing them and conversing with them is officially part of my routine. At this time, I have not needed to participate in group fitness or personal training but the fact that they have these options is fantastic. I have witnessed a personal training session and from my POV it appeared to be an enjoyable experience. What I have used is their online video resources. The video recordings are an excellent resource for me when I am WFH. For example, the “Stretches for Snow Days” video was perfect, and I highly recommend it to anyone in charge of shoveling their driveway.

I am extremely thankful for the Mansfield Fitness Center, and I hope this testimonial helps ensure its continued operation. – Alan D.