Spring Cleaning: Easy tips on how to clean up your diet!

Your closet isn’t the only thing that may need some cleaning! As Spring approaches, the Cardinal Health Fitness Center staff is here to remind you of some helpful tips on how you can tidy up your diet!

Eating vegetables & fruits of all colors

Do you find yourself eating the same meals every week? You may find that you are deficient in certain nutrients, as different colors of fruits and vegetables have different nutrients. For example:

  • RED: help fight cancer, reduce risk of diabetes & heart disease
  • ORANGE & YELLOW:  Improve Immune Function, Reduce the Risk of Heart Disease, Promote Eye Health
  • GREEN: Boost the Immune System, Help Detoxify the Body, Restore Energy
  • BLUE & PURPLE: Fight Cancer and Unwanted Inflammation
  • WHITE & BROWN: Keep Bones Strong, and Are A Heart-Healthy Choice

Next time you head to the grocery store, pick out something new & nutritious!


When it’s warmer outside, your body needs more water to help replenish water lost through sweating. Dehydration can cause fatigue, low energy, and headaches. Another potential benefit of drinking enough water is that it may help you avoid overeating. It is suggested that women drink about 2.7 Liters per day and males drink 3.7 Liters per day. It is important to note that when you exercise, you will need to drink even more than the recommendations listed above.

controlling your portions

One of the hard things to do: control your portion sizes! It seems like it would be easy, but it is easier than you think to misjudge what your portions should actually be. It is recommended to fill your plate up with the following: 1/2 vegetables, 1/4 starches and 1/4 protein. Take a look at this guide to learn more on what those portion sizes equate to.

avoid sugary drinks

We already hit on the importance of staying hydrated, but it is equally important to make sure to avoid drinks that are high in sugar content. Below are the reasons why:

  1. The American Heart Association recommends 36 grams of sugar for males & 25 grams for females. Many popular drinks are well above your daily sugar goals. All of the following are the one can (12 oz.) sugar content of popular drinks:
    • Coca-Cola- 37g, Sweetened Iced Tea- 34g, Lemonade- 37g
  2. Replacing these drinks with water is an easy way to lower your daily calorie count, and in return, lose weight.

SKIP THE CHIPS: clean out your pantry!

Instead of grabbing the good old bag of Doritos for your mid-day snack, find some healthier, nutrient dense foods to snack on. Take an hour to look through all your pantry cabinets and your fridge, and get rid of the trigger foods. Starting fresh may be exactly what you need! Some options include: bell peppers, broccoli, apples, grapes, cottage cheese, Greek yogurt, nuts, protein shakes/bars, etc.

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