Body Positivity: How to Appreciate Your Body While Trying to Improve It

Easier said than done. I know.

We all have struggled with our own insecurities at some point & many times find ourselves overly critical of our body. This is especially true in the beginning of fitness journeys. I am sure you already have the image in your head: standing in front of the mirror, gripping at different sections of your body, wishing it would just disappear. The thought that you would be completely happy with just loosing that extra 5 pounds. But what happens once you actually do lose that 5 pounds?

We become eager for more change.

Maybe that example doesn’t resonate. Maybe you’re standing in front of the mirror wishing you looked stronger & think if you just gained a little more definition in your biceps, you would be happy. I ask again: what happens once you start to see that muscular definition?

We become eager for even more change.

How can we think positively about our body when our body is not where we want it to be?

Speak Positively About Your Before & After Body

This is, in my opinion, the most important tip I can give you. Many of us use the “before & after” method to track our fitness progress, whether that be quantitative (weight) or qualitative (pictures). Many will see their before picture/weight and say every mean adjective that they can list: “I hated my old body. I was disgusting, chubby, had huge chins, etc…” You name it, the list goes on.

I encourage you to refrain from talking about your body like that. It is okay to acknowledge that you made changes to your body & to be proud of those changes, but don’t put your old- self down in order to lift your newer self up.

Every time you look in the mirror or see any picture of yourself, instead of looking at what you want to change or harping on your past/present insecurities, give yourself a compliment! There is always something to be grateful about & there is always someone in the world that wishes they were at your current stage. By adopting some positive-minded strategies, you can look past what’s “wrong” with your body and learn to embrace it.

Celebrate Every Victory!

Celebrate every goal that you crush whether it is big or small and be appreciative of the journey it took to get you there. If you set and reach a goal to lose 5 pounds, go out and grab a drink with a friend to celebrate! It also doesn’t have to be a weight goal. Maybe you didn’t sneak off to the office snack machine at all throughout the week? Maybe you took your first group fitness class which you had been dreading to try for months? No matter what the goal is, celebrate it!

Clothes For Now, Not Later

If you want to feel good about your body, you will want your clothes to flatter your figure. We all own a piece of clothing from a few years ago that sits in the back of closet that we hope one day we will fit back into. Totally normal! That being said, don’t purposefully buy clothes that are too big or too small. It is important to wear clothes that build your confidence!

Don’t Compare Yourself to Social Media Influencers

Social media influencers who have thousands of followers typically don’t become famous off their authenticity. Many have gained their popularity through editing pictures to look “flawless” and/or have unlimited resources/money to pay for reconstructive surgery.

We have all caught ourselves looking at these models and wishing we could have their “perfect” hourglass figure or their “beautiful” complexion. But if we saw this model in person, would they even be recognizable OR are their pictures so unauthentic that they actually look quite normal in person!

Focus on being the best version of yourself & don’t focus on what you are “supposed” to look like. Just be you!

Embrace your differences!

Don’t be ashamed of your differences. Embrace it! Don’t feel the need to have to hide them. We all have parts of us that make us unique. These marks tell a story about our life so why hide it? Tell your story!

You have stretch marks? Talk about your wonderful children that gave you your stripes! Or maybe you got your stretch marks a few years ago before you lost a lot of weight & now you can share your weight loss journey story.

Whatever it is: scars, birthmarks, tattoos, acne, etc. Be proud of your body & rock it out!

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  1. Heya! I’m at work surfing around your blog from my new iphone 4! Just wanted to say I love reading your blog and look forward to all your posts! Keep up the fantastic work!

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