Delicious & Healthy Local Restaurants near Dublin, OH

During these times, it is more important than ever to support local businesses. In this week’s blog, we list some of our favorite locally owned/operated restaurants near the Dublin OH area that take pride in serving delicious & healthy food.


Rebol is located at Bridge Park. Rebol is known for their non-GMO menu, paleo/keto/vegan/vegetarian/gluten-free friendly options & unique offerings such as cauliflower rice, sweet potato hash, BBQ Jackfruit & more!

“Our mission is to create a new standard of wellness by providing functional nutrition that improves your quality of life”



Zest Juice Co. is located by the Giant Eagle Market District on Perimeter Loop Road in Dublin. Zest specializes in healthy juices, smoothies, acai bowls & more!

“Here at Zest, we believe nutrient rich, natural juices and smoothies can taste amazing without sugary additives and preservatives. We develop our recipes based on health benefits, pairings and exceptional taste.  Columbus is our home. The Zest family is very passionate about the health and wellness of our community, and we are proud to support local organizations as we work toward a healthier tomorrow.”



Located in Powell on Sawmill Parkway, Be Fit Cafe specializes in low calorie meals that are all under 700 calories ranging from soups, salads, wraps, pizzas, smoothies & more!

“What makes Be Fit Café so special? It’s our approach to the food we prepare and serve to you and your family. No artificial preservatives, sweeteners, flavors or colors from artificial sources. Our entrees are made with fresh, wholesome ingredients like fruits and vegetables, which help us create flavorful, great-tasting meals.”



There are four locations in the Columbus area: Worthington, Westerville, Short North & Easton. Northstar is known for their “Northstar Burger”, which is made with organic black beans, brown rice and beets. Sounds strange but it is awesome!

“At Northstar, we recognize that every decision we make affects the health of our community and the environment on a local and on a global scale. We make conscious decisions & are extremely careful about the ingredients we use. We choose locally grown, organic, and artisan produced foods not only to protect the environment and to support producers whose values are aligned with ours but also so that we are serving the most wholesome and delicious food we can.



Located in Downtown Powell, Local Roots has been operating for 10 years. LR specializes in using fresh ingredients from their family farm to create their delicious entrees. The best thing about LR is they support local businesses too! Their source most of their draft beer, meat, bread, dessert, and more from other Ohio businesses!

“As the owner of Local Roots, I believe everything is better when it comes from the farm and is made with love. Our goal is to serve our customers with an abundance of locally sourced goods. We are excited to be Ohio Proud, serving Ohio all-natural Amish chicken, Ohio pork, Ohio bison, and Ohio all-natural hormone free beef.  Our family farm, not far from downtown Powell, provides us with fresh produce for the restaurant. When not from the farm, the produce is always purchased from local vendors.”


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