Mobility: The Benefits & How To Incorporate it in Your Life!

Mobility, not to be confused with flexibility, is the muscle’s ability to move in general. While flexibility helps to lengthen the muscles, mobility helps the body in various ways such as strength, coordination, and balance. Mobility training teaches us how to properly engage our muscles and practice full range of motion, which in return can reduce or prevent risks of injury.

For anyone struggling to perform certain tasks, or looking to recover from an injury, you can follow some methods below to improve your overall mobility:

Foam Rolling

While stretching is a great way to practice flexibility, foam rolling targets specific muscle groups and help to loosen the overactive muscles from the source. To learn more about foam rolling, click here.

Resistance Band Training

This equipment will allow you to use muscles to a much greater strength. It is also a great tool to improve specific weak points of a muscle. Try exercises with bands such as Deep Squats, Bicep Curls, Chest Fly and Reverse Fly, Overhead Press, and so on. Resistance Bands can be used for a warm-up, cool-down or for your actual workout!


There are plenty of exercises in either of these classes that not only help to improve flexibility but also target strength, resilience and balance throughout the body. If you find limitations in your movements, these classes might be your solution. We have a virtual FitFlow class on Wednesday’s from 12-12:30pm which is a Yoga-Pilates class blend.

Breaks from Sitting

Nothing overstretches the glutes, or over-activates the hamstrings, quite like sitting at a desk from 9am to 5pm. If you work in a sedentary position, allow yourself to take a mental and physical break from both your laptop and your chair. Stand up and stretch! Use this short amount of time to walk around the perimeter of your floor or outside your building.  The best way to make sure these breaks happen are to block them out in your calendar so you won’t be disrupted!


You don’t have to do long or strenuous workouts to improve your mobility. For many of us, all that may be needed to prevent stiffness or weakness is quick, light training exercises that don’t require a change of clothes or a shower afterwards. Look into how you can add calisthenics into your routine and take advantage of our online CubeFit classes. You can take these classes in the privacy of your home or cubicle!

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