Benefits of Incorporating Weights into Your Workout

Every active individual has their own way of exercising. With so many different activities such as running, team sports, obstacle course racing, there are countless ways to stay active. All forms of exercise should be, at the very least, put into consideration when you are wanting to change things up or you are just getting into exercise. There is, however, one form of exercise that is beneficial in so many ways that everyone should include at least one session into their weekly routine: weight training.

This anaerobic type of exercise has a multitude of ways to improve your body; both in physical activity, and everyday life.  Below are just a few examples of weight training’s benefits:

Improves Bone Density

Did you know you can train your bones to become denser? According to Wolff’s Law, bones will adapt to loads under pressure where it is placed. It is because of that pressure that the all bones develop more bone tissue, making them denser and less likely to break.

Tightens Loose Ligaments and Tendons

Weight Training does not just train and tighten the muscles, it also tightens the joints that connect muscles and bones together. With light weight training, we can make our tendons and ligaments stronger. This can be especially beneficial after a spraining or tearing.

Corrects your Posture

If you are more sedentary or have a desk job, you are more likely to hunch forward. Weight training and bodyweight training exercises can help correct your posture. Some weight training exercises can also protect your back from other poor posture conditions such as lordosis and kyphosis.

Helps with Imbalance

It is common for people to be stronger on one side of their body than the other, e.g. right arm stronger than their left or left leg stronger than their right. It is also common for someone to not notice these imbalances until they begin weight training. In time, weight training exercises such as symmetrical and unilateral exercises will help improve balance.

Injury Prevention

Lack of weight training or exercise in general may lead to poor posture and discomfort. If these signs are ignored for too long, it can lead to short-term or even long-term pain. As stated, weight training can be used to not only correct posture, but also improve balance in the muscles and tighten loose joints. All these benefits accumulate to help prevent many kinds of bad habits that would otherwise lead to pain in the shoulders, hips, knees, and back.

Written by: Ryan Bowen

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