Stretches for the Everyday Runner

Every runner knows that consistency is important to maintain or improve their running. The same goes for recovering from your cardio. This recovery not only includes time from your regular outdoor jog, but also stretching and massaging your muscles from intense exercising.

Every workout creates micro-tears in the muscle. Proper recovery time helps to rebuild new, extra muscle fibers after cardiovascular workouts. Without a proper recovery routine from daily running, your muscles will become overworked and will not have sufficient time to rebuild. Therefore, your performance may suffer. Stretches help to loosen those tight running muscles, creating greater blood flow for a faster recovery process.

There are several key points for runners to stretch: hips, quads & hamstrings, glutes and calves. For all stretches, we recommend holding the stretch anywhere between 30-60 seconds.


Hips are a ball-and-socket joint, which means they are working in almost every possible direction when you are using your legs.

Quadriceps & Hamstrings

The quadriceps and hamstrings, if neglected, can cause severe limitation in your everyday movement.


Your glute muscles are used in every step you take, whether that is walking, running or uphill training/stair master machine.


Tight calves may lead to overuse, exhaustion, and cramping. 

Written by: Ryan Bowen
Cardinal Health- Mansfield

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