Tips to Keep Your Motivation To Workout

During this time in quarantine, you may have found your motivation to workout has not been up to par. Here are some tips to help you stay focused!

Write Down Your Workouts Beforehand

Creating a game plan will help you remain focused and get the most out of your workout. When creating your workout, include the exercise, repetitions, set count & weight (lbs.) if applicable. If you do not feel comfortable with creating a workout, please look at our at-home workouts that we have created for you!

Watch Virtual Fitness Classes

Sometimes you just need a little extra “push” from your favorite instructors to keep you accountable! To help you, the fitness center staff are going live Mon-Fri at lunch time with virtual fitness classes! Click here to see this week’s schedule! The workouts will be interactive & are appropriate for all fitness levels! We are also offering a free trial of Wellbeats which has on-demand fitness classes to watch!

Block Out Your Calendar in Advance

Admit it: we live off of our Outlook calendars. When you get an alert that you have a conference call coming up, you get mentally prepared for that call & most importantly “show up” for it. Exercising doesn’t have to be any different! Block off time in your calendar to keep yourself accountable!

Join a Fitness Challenge

If you are goal-oriented, joining a fitness challenge may help you to “unleash” your competitive side & become more motivated to workout. The fitness center is here to help! The MOVE MORE Challenge runs from April 1-April 30th & encourages you to get 30 minutes of purposeful movement in everyday. To learn more, click here!

Change the Scenery

For most of us, fitness is an escape. It’s a time where you can forget about all your stress & let the endorphins kick in! Now that we eat, breathe, work, sleep & basically do EVERYTHING in the same location because of the quarantine, you may find it harder to channel that. The weather is changing for the better and you should take advantage of that! Whether it is a walk/jog outside on your lunch break or your own personal Boot Camp class, you should enjoy a change of scenery!

Reach out for Support

Because of social distancing, you may no longer have your workout buddy with you while you are exercising, but that doesn’t mean you no longer need them! Text/email each other daily and motivate each other to get your 30 minutes of exercising in! If you need any assistance or support, the fitness center team can be your “workout buddy”!
Please email us with any questions.

Written by: Kristen Wakeford

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