No Equipment? No Problem!

With all fitness facilities closing in the state and everyone working from home for the next few weeks, it is time to create your own gym! You won’t be able to drive to the nearest Dick’s Sporting Goods anytime soon, so here are some household items that can be substituted for gym equipment!


If you don’t have any dumbbells, use water bottles as weights! If you want a challenge, opt for a metal YETI style bottle or a larger bottle! Make sure to fill them up & tightly close. Pick similar sizes to keep body symmetry.


Aside from vigorously sweeping your kitchen floors, you can get a great at- home core stability or shoulder mobility workout in with your broom!
Don’t believe me? Watch this!


If anyone in your household has long hair, then you most likely find hair ties & headbands regularly laying on the floor. Why not put them to good use! Use them as mini bands to get your shoulders and/or glutes BURNING!
Click Here for Mini Band Exercises


Battle ropes are a great way to work on upper body strength while adding an element of cardio in! Detach your garden hose from the spigot and hold both ends. If you have recently used the hose, be aware that you may get wet.
Here are some great rope exercises!


This may look absolutely ridiculous but admit it– it also looks like SO much fun! It is safer than a pillow fight and gets the heart pumping. If a MMA fighter does it, then you know it will break a sweat!
Watch: MMA Blanket Workout


Nothing quite gives you that muscle burning sensation than a set of gliders. Grab two towels, preferably hand towel size, and move to an area with slick floors such as wood.
Only have carpet? Use two plastic or paper plates!
Watch this great glider workout


Laundry detergent and sweat have always been the best combination! Make sure the lid is securely shut and, more importantly, that no one needs to do laundry during your workout!


This easiest to find of them all… body weight! Anything from burpees, push-ups, plank holds, crunches, sit-ups… the list goes on & on!

So do you have what it takes to build your own gym!?

Written by: Kristen Wakeford

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